Simplivity Cost is Low, Value is High for Converged Infrastructure

Excerpt from Storage Newsletter, “SimpliVity Out of Stealth Mode”

Reveals 2U box OmniCube, all-in-one low-cost VCE or FlexPod

SimpliVity Corporation, a provider of simplified IT infrastructure solutions for virtualized environments, announced the company’s formal entry into the IT market with the launch of OmniCube, an all-inclusive, assimilated IT infrastructure platform designed and optimized for the VM environment.

It is a low-cost, ultra-functional, high-performance, automated IT Infrastructure platform that empowers a single administrator to manage the infrastructure, exclusively from the VMware vCenter.


OmniCube is a simple to manage, 2U rack-mounted building block that delivers storage, computing, and networking services for the VM environment. Two or more OmniCube systems are deployed together to form an OmniCube Global Federation, a massively scalable pool of shared resources that enables data movement, extensive scalability, and enterprise system availability – all managed globally from a single pane of glass.

Each OmniCube system comes standard with:

  • Simplified, Extensive Scale-Out
  • Global, unified VM-Centric Management
  • Real-time in-line global deduplication and compression across entire data life-cycle, geographies and the cloud
  • Data Protection: tunable RPO on per-VM basis
  • Low cost, easy to manage DR
  • Public Cloud Integration
  • Cache accelerated performance


SimpliVity has developed a new IT infrastructure stack called OmniStack, which includes numerous patent-pending innovations and delivers a new and efficient way of managing IT, including storing, managing, protecting and sharing data globally, including on the public cloud.

OmniStack encompasses broad functionality and a novel data architecture, in which all data is deduplicated and compressed at inception, once and forever, at fine-grain 4KB – 8KB data-sets; across nodes, data-centers, geographies and the public cloud. The OmniCube Accelerator, a PCIe module responsible for all of the intensive algorithm processing, ensures that the deduplication and compression can run inline with no impact on performance. The management and mobility of data in these very small data sets enables the assimilation of OmniCube’s core functionality-data mobility, resource sharing, intelligent caching, scalability, and high availability – into a single platform.

OmniCube supplants the functionality of numerous traditional independent products with a simple, low cost, 2U package, resulting in savings in capital costs and operating expenses, while improving the management of the VMs and the business applications that depend on them.

The SimpliVity OmniCube CN-2000 starts around $32,000 and the CN-3000 starts around $55,000 (US List).

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