PIvot3 vSTAC pricing

This article was an announcement by Olivier Thierry, chief marketing officer at Pivot3


VMware-focused virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) appliance provider Pivot3 has announced both the vSTAC R2S P Cubed appliance, a fully pre-configured and ready-to-deploy environment for VMware Horizon Suite, and the new vSTAC R2S appliance line, an upgraded version of its existing R2 family.

Pivot3 sells 100% through the channel, so both these products are core channel products, but the vSTAC R2S P Cubed appliance seems especially likely to turn some partner heads.

The Pivot3 vSTAC R2S P Cubed ready-to-deploy Horizon Suite environment includes pre-configured trial licenses of all essential VMware Horizon Suite software – not just View.

The vSTAC R2S P Cubed Rapid Horizon Appliance’s pre-configured components include: a P3 Scale-Out Virtual SAN (vSTAC OS) with Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Express, VMware vCenter, and VMware vSphere; VMware Horizon Workspace 1.0; VMware Horizon View 5.2, and VMware Horizon Mirage 4.0.

The vSTAC R2S P Cubed also leverages the new vSTAC R2S appliance, which is also being announced. The vSTAC R2S is compatible with the existing R2 family, and incorporates new processor upgrades (2 x dual 8 core Ivy Bridge E5-2650 v2 processors) that deliver 24% more desktops per appliance while reducing corresponding per desktop infrastructure costs by up to 14%.

“The R2S is the next turn of the crank for us in terms of density,” Thierry said. “The effective price is also lower. “While the list price is higher than the R2 ($31,999, up from $29,999), the R2S supports more desktops. While the R2 range was 95 to 125, the R2S range is 117 to 154, so it’s cheaper per desktop.”

Both Pivot3’s vSTAC R2S appliance and vSTAC R2S P Cubed appliance will be available for order in October 2013. List pricing for the vSTAC R2S starts at $USD 31,999. List pricing for the vSTAC R2S P Cubed starts at $USD 34,999.

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