Nutanix Pricing, NX-1000, NX-6000 cost

Nutanix, a leading provider of hyper-efficient, massively scalable and elegantly simple datacenter infrastructure solutions, today announced two new platforms that meet the cost, performance and scale requirements to run nearly any enterprise application. Nutanix’s expanded portfolio of Virtual Computing Platforms enables IT teams to tailor and seamlessly grow their compute and storage environment to fit their individual requirements, whether for an enterprise branch office with limited on-site IT resources or core datacenters tasked with supporting an increasingly diverse and demanding set of workloads.

The NX-1000 series puts converged infrastructure within reach of small to mid-sized corporations, enterprise branch offices or retail stores at an attractive price point while also significantly streamlining IT management. The NX-6000 series allows enterprises to scale their Nutanix cluster by adding storage capacity as needed for applications with large data sets such as big data projects, high-end databases or demanding virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Converged Infrastructure for the Mid-Market – the NX-1000 Series

Small to mid-sized corporations, enterprise branch offices and retail stores typically lack the specialized IT resources needed to manage traditional infrastructure built with separate servers, storage arrays and networking. Unlike other converged infrastructure solutions, which offer little more than legacy products packaged into a single chassis or cabinet, the Nutanix NX-1000 Series, like other Nutanix platforms, features a flatter datacenter architecture that eliminates the need for centralized SAN/NAS storage, thereby dramatically reducing IT complexity and simplifying management.

This new platform includes all of the functionality offered in every Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform, including software-based storage controller technology and advanced information lifecycle management (ILM) capabilities, such as flash-enabled data tiering and performance-optimized data compression. The NX-1000 also requires up to 80 percent less space and power than alternative approaches, providing a single platform to power branch office services, including local applications, virtual desktop deployments, file and print services, DHCP and DNS services, WAN optimization controllers and security-focused virtual appliances.

Features and benefits include:

Easy-to-deploy converged infrastructure in a single 2U appliance to run virtual workloads common in mid-sized corporations, enterprise branch offices and retail stores
Flexibility to use existing network infrastructure (1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Ethernet) to reduce deployment costs and accelerate deployment
Pre-installed replication and back-up software automatically protects VM-specific data
Affordable pricing beginning at just $22,500 per node (server and storage included)

For a limited time, Nutanix is offering a pricing promotion on the NX-1000 series platform. Contact your local Nutanix sales representative or authorized partner for more details.

The First Elastic Storage Offering in Converged Infrastructure – the NX-6000 Series

Although many converged infrastructure solutions enable a simpler, building block-based approach to the enterprise datacenter, they often lack the ability to ideally match infrastructure capabilities with the demands of specific enterprise applications or services.

The Nutanix NX-6000 Virtual Computing Platform is the first converged datacenter platform to independently scale storage resources in a single converged infrastructure. Existing buyers of converged infrastructure have typically been forced to deploy products that only offer fixed, vendor-selected ratios of storage capacity and compute performance. Because most enterprises need to run multiple applications within the same environment, each with their own unique resource demands, IT is now in need of infrastructure that can be uniquely tailored to each environment. The Nutanix NX-6000 platform makes it simple and affordable for enterprises to design and scale their datacenters one appliance at a time with the ability to add just the right amount of storage and compute resources for any workload.

Features and benefits include:

Allows IT to choose, provision and expand storage capacity based on need, avoiding costly purchases of underutilized or unneeded resources
Allows new platforms to be seamlessly added to existing Nutanix clusters, enabling customers to mix and match platforms within a single environment for running multiple business applications simultaneously
Delivers 3X more raw storage capacity than earlier Nutanix platforms to support the most data intensive applications, such as SQL databases, Hadoop-driven data analytics or large-scale VDI rollouts. Doubles the amount of server-attached flash capacity for accommodating very large working sets, accelerating I/O intensive applications
Includes in-line and post-process data compression to deliver 35 TB to 70 TB of usable storage in a space-efficient 2U platform
Pricing beginning at $60,000 per node

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