Jun 112013

Original article by Chris Mellor at The Register

Enterprise flash array vendor Whiptail….

…By developing the WT-1100 for the entry-level market, Whiptail is positioning itself below the market position occupied by Pure Storage and Violin Memory. That could, in turn, put other flash array vendors such as Nimbus Data under pricing pressure.

A 12TB ACCELA is listed at $588,000; that’s $49,000/TB. On that basis, a 4TB WT-1100 could cost $196,000: El Reg feels this would be far too high for a branch office/SME customer. For comparison, a 16TB 4-disk WD Sentinel 1U rackmount storage server is listed at $2,349 retail. But that only comes with a measly dual Atom processor combo running the show.

Whiptail says the WT-1100 starting price is under $20,000. For comparison, ten per cent of the theoretical equivalent 4TB ACCELA price would be $19,600.

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