Jul 292014
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Tegile Pricing
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 July 29, 2014   Articles With Pricing, Tegile
Nov 142013

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Tegile’s Zebi unified storage systems use a multitiered cache architecture where DRAM and flash are used as cache in front of 7,200 RPM nearline SAS drives. The Metadata Accelerated Storage System (MASS) combines thin provisioning, compression and data deduplication with an efficient redirect-on-write snapshot provider to optimize the use of both flash and trash (the 7,200 RPM drives). Since most of the active data will be cached in the SSDs, data reduction shouldn’t have a significant performance impact but will bring the effective cost per gigabyte stored from about $15 to $3 or $4 dollars.

The HA2400, which comes with 96 Gbytes of DRAM cache, 10 200-Gbyte SSDs and 14 1-Tbyte disks at a $168K MSRP; and

The even faster, all-solid-state new HA2800F, which has 22 200-Gbyte SSDs and can deliver a claimed 200,000 IOPS.

Each system can be expanded with drive shelves containing both SSDs and disks or a high-density, disk-only shelf that holds 72 Tbytes in 4u. Tegile pricing is very competitive.

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 November 14, 2013   Articles With Pricing, Tegile
Nov 112013

From eWeek

Tegile’s home-developed Metadata Accelerated Storage System (MASS) separates metadata from the primary data path, thus optimizing deduplication, compression, RAID and snapshot pointers and reducing tegile pricing, say Vice President of Marketing Rob Commins. It is versatile, handling block or file storage and NFS or iSCSI connectivity.

Tegile Zebi HA2400 is a hybrid NAND flash/SATA drive array designed to manage large-scale projects, such as corporate virtual desktop implementations. Featuring a multiprotocol architecture with deduplication and compression that delivers up to 125,000 IOPS, the HA2400 has enabled enterprises to double the number of applications under management, Commins said.

Tegile Zebi HA2800 is a multiprotocol, all-flash array that can be placed in front of a large pool of hard disk drives to deliver high performance. It can be augmented with an expansion chassis to expand capacity up from to 146 raw TB of capacity.

At raw capacity, before deduplication and compression, the Tegile Zebi HA2800 has been documented to reach 200,000 IOPS and sells for $2 price per GB, Commins said.

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 November 11, 2013   Articles With Pricing, Tegile
Nov 112013

From SearchStorage

The Tegile Zebi arrays support Fibre Channel, iSCSI and network-attached storage (NAS) protocols. An array can be optimized for backup operations with high network throughput and in-line dedupe and compression, or for virtualization with high IOPS. For caching, Zebi arrays use a combination of DRAM and SSDs.

Our judges gave the HA2800 high marks for innovation and value, with its base price of approximately $235,000. One judge called the system “One of the more complete hybrid unified storage products — full storage array functionality and excellent performance at a reasonable price.”

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 November 11, 2013   Articles With Pricing, Tegile