May 122017


The EMC Isilon X-Series is a lineup of Network Attached Storage (NAS) arrays designed for environments that need primary storage with an emphasis on high capacity. The products support a hybrid setup which combines the performance of flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) with the large capacity and low cost of mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs). The Isilon X-Series has three products: the 2U X200 and X210, and the 4U X410. All three products can be scaled into clusters of up to 144 nodes.

Pricing for the EMC Isilon X-Series depends on the specific configuration but the starting list price for the X410 is approximately $34,000. All three products also have a minimum configuration of three nodes. A one-year, standard hardware-only Limited warranty comes with each unit.

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 May 12, 2017  Isilon
Feb 212017


Nimble Storage all-flash at entry level price

Nimble Storage this week unveiled a new entry-level, full-featured, all-flash storage array with a starting street price of under $40,000.

Nimble Storage also said it has completely refreshed its hybrid flash array line to include significantly higher performance and lower cost, said Gavin Cohen, head of product marketing for the San Jose, Calif.-based company.

The release of the company’s new entry-level, all-flash array comes just six months after Nimble Storage, best known for its hybrid flash array solutions, unveiled its first all-flash arrays.


Since that launch, all-flash arrays accounted for 12 percent of the company’s total array revenue, Cohen told CRN. He could not yet comment on growth in this quarter because Nimble Storage, as a public company, has yet to report the figures.

Nimble Storage’s new AF1000 can scale to up to 165 TBs of flash storage capacity in a 4U enclosure, or up to 2 petabytes effective capacity and 350,000 IOPS in 12U of space, Cohen said.

The starting end-user price of under $40,000 includes 11 TBs of raw capacity, three years of support, and the full range of storage services Nimble Storage provides for its other systems.

The new model includes an all-inclusive software license with flat support pricing and no forklift upgrades required. Customers can also purchase Nimble Storage’s Timeless Storage package, which offers customers a three-controller upgrade after three years.

As the cost of flash storage continues to fall, it is possible that all of a customer’s storage will go to all-flash arrays, said Alan McDonald, president and CEO of All Connected, a Simi Valley, Calif.-based solution provider and long-time partner of Nimble Storage.

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 February 21, 2017   Articles With Pricing, Nimble Storage
Feb 172017

Hewlett Packard Enterprise said it will buy SimpliVity, a hyperconverged system company, for $650 million in cash in a move to boost its hybrid cloud wares.

SimpliVity will provide HPE with more software defined infrastructure that it can combine with its automation, software and system tools.

In a statement, HPE CEO Meg Whitman said the purchase is aimed at hybrid IT and provide “on-premises infrastructure at cloud economics.”

SimpliVity is based in Westborough, MA and will complement HPE’s hyperconverged gear, 3PAR storage and multi-cloud management tools.

According to the companies, HPE will sell its HC 380 and HC 250 hyperconverged systems while supporting SimpliVity’s systems without immediate changes to the product roadmap.

HPE said it will also offer SimpliVity’s Omni Stack software on its ProLiant DL380 servers. In the second half of 2017, HPE will offer a lineup of ProLiant servers with SimpliVity integrated.

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 February 17, 2017  HP Enterprise, Simplivity
Feb 082017

Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE HC380 Business Value Analysis and Review


HPE Hyper Converged 380 System Overview and Business Analysis


“The Hyper Converged 380 is HPE.s n ewest hyperconverged infrastructure platform, aimed at midsized businesses, enterprise remote office branch office sites and enterprise line – of – business (legacy and DevOps) environments. Each HC 380 building block combines extensible compute, storage, hypervisor and management capabilities in a compact, 2U scale-out appliance. More specifically, the HC 380 incorporates HPE ProLiant Gen9 DL380 x86-based server technology, HPE StoreVirtual software – defined storage, VMware vSphere hypervisor, HPE OneView InstantOn software and the HPE OneView User Experience (UX) interface.”


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 February 8, 2017  HP Enterprise
Feb 082017

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) HC250 appliance specifications

“Designed from the ground up for the software-defined data center, the HC 250 enables a standardized, appliance approach to virtual server deployment, regardless of whether it is used as a primary virtualization platform in medium-sized businesses or as a dedicated resource pool for specific applications in the enterprise. Unlike other hyper-converged systems on the market, the HC250 can be customized and ready for virtualized workloads in a few simple clicks.

All hardware and software components are pre-installed and pre-integrated by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and quick customization using the OneView InstantOn software enables faster time to value that is unique to the HC 250 family. After the initial installation, IT administrators manage their virtualized environment within VMware vCenter Server and OneView for vCenter, or with Microsoft System Center user interfaces and HPE OneView for System Center management integrations.”


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 February 8, 2017  HP Enterprise
Jan 242017

Check pricing for the Unitrends 602, 604, 606 and 608

Unitrends Recovery Series all-in-one appliances combine software, storage, and compute into one box for easy-to-manage backup with built-in cloud integration. The Recovery 814S, 818S and 818S backup appliance is a 1U short rackmount unit with both traditional storage and High-Performance Solid State drives, well suited for organizations with a higher throughput backup requirements.

Recovery Series appliances simplify local backup and offsite compliance requirements with an all-in-one box that delivers enterprise backup and continuity to your business.These physical appliances are pre-loaded and pre-tuned with powerful software that not only covers on-premises backup but also long-term retention and disaster recovery in the Unitrends Cloud.

Unitrends Recovery 928S Pricing & Support

Unitrends Recovery 926S Appliance & Support Bundle
Recovery 926S Appliance with Platinum Support, 1 Year
Unitrends Market Cost: $55,349.00

Recovery 926S Appliance with Platinum Support, 3 Years
Unitrends Price: $71,391.00

Recovery 926S Appliance with Platinum Support, 5 Years
Unitrends Market Price: $86,398.00

Recovery 928S Appliance with Platinum Support, 1 Year
Market Price: $110,699.00

Recovery 928S Appliance with Platinum Support, 3 Years
Market Price: $142,783.00

Recovery 928S Appliance with Platinum Support, 5 Years
Market Price: $172,798.00

Unitrends Recovery 928S Support Renewal
Recovery 928S Support Renewal, 1 Year
Market Price: $20,700.00

Recovery 928S Support Renewal, 3 Years
Market Price: $62,100.00

Recovery 928S Support Renewal, 5 Years
Market Price: $103,500.00

Unitrends Recovery 928S Pledge Program
Recovery 928S Pledge Program, 1 Year
Unitrends Market Price: $15,300.00

Recovery 928S Pledge Program, 3 Years
Unitrends Market Price: $39,015.00

Recovery 928S Pledge Program, 5 Years
Unitrends Market Cost: $61,199.00

Unitrends Recovery Series Cloud Options
500GB Forever Cloud, 1 Year
Unitrends Market Price: $600.00

500GB Forever Cloud 3 Years
Unitrends Market Pricing: $1,800.00

500GB Forever Cloud 5 Years
Unitrends Market Price: $3,000.00

Per-Instance DRaaS Annual
Unitrends Market Pricing: $2,400.00

Per-Instance Recovery Assurance Annual
Market Price: $600.00

Rapid Seed – Overnights your data on disk to the Cloud for initial setup
Unitrends Market Price: $995.00

Unitrends Recovery 928S No Limits Cloud
Recovery 928S No Limits Cloud, 1 Year
Unitrends Pricing: $45,000.00

Recovery 928S No Limits Cloud, 3 Years
Unitrends Price list: $114,749.00

Recovery 928S No Limits Cloud, 5 Years
Unitrends Price: $179,998.00

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 January 24, 2017   Articles With Pricing, Unitrends
Jan 242017

HP Enterprise (HPE) HC250 vs HC380

HPE jumped into Hyperconvergence market with its own offerings in early 2016. HPE offers two hyper-converged solutions: the HPE Hyper Converged 250 and the Hyper Converged 380. Let’s start by covering a few features sets that are common to both appliances:

Before highlighting the differences, the HPE HC250 and the HC380 both offer:

Low-entry point — Both solutions allow you to start with as few as two nodes and build from there.

Fast scalability — Either Hyper Converged 250 or the Hyper Converged 380 nodes can be added in as little as 15 minutes for easy, fast expansion.

An intuitive user experience — Management of either system is handled through HPE OneView, which makes managing and monitoring these resources very simple.

Simplified life-cycle management — Both systems allow you to perform functions like setting up new VMs or updating firmware and drivers with just a few clicks.

One vendor support
— Both solutions are supported 24X7 by HPE Technology Support Services.

High availability — Both solutions provide 5-nines availability levels.

Real-time alerts — Using System Center’s real-time alerts, both systems make it easy to know what’s going on in your data center even remotely.

So, what’s the primary difference between the HPE HC250 and HC380 other than pricing or cost?

One of the biggest differences is that while the HPE Hyper Converged 250 (HC250) allows you to expand up to 4 nodes within a single chassis, the Hyper Converged 380 (HC380) allows for expansion up to 16 nodes. Supporting more nodes per box can lower the need for additional infrastructure and may be a benefit, especially in larger organizations.

Information about HPE pricing, costs, and price list.

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 January 24, 2017  HP Enterprise
Jan 152017

HPE StoreOnce Systems Pricing

Flash is great for high performance workloads, but there is always the need for speedy backup and replication routines. HPE recently upgraded its StoreOnce products by adding the ability to perform flat backups directly from any 3PAR storage appliance, such as the 20840.

Keeping pace with flash-powered appliances that provide incredible throughput requires a robust architecture, and HPE designed its StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central software to perform direct backups from applications up to 17x faster and perform data restoration tasks 5x faster. Pricing is also an additional feature.

The company rolled out the new HPE StoreOnce 5500, which scales up to 864 TB (double that of the nearest competitor) for as little as $0.02 per GB.

HPE also offers the new StoreOnce 6600 for scale out applications. HPE indicated that the 6600 provides multi-node resiliency and can scale to 1.7 PB. The company also claims the 184TB per-hour ingest rate is 3 times faster than its nearest competitor.

The StoreOnce 5500 and 6500 are available starting at $35,100 and $75,000, respectively, on March 31 2016.

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 January 15, 2017   Articles With Pricing, HP Enterprise