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dale_outside1Hi, my name is Dale Underwood. As a former IT Storage VAR, I grew frustrated making our end user customers wait for budgetary pricing while we requested pricing from our vendors. The budgetary quote cycle was measured in days, if not weeks. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and come up with a website that answers a simple question:

“How much does an XYZ storage system cost…roughly”?

This site was created specifically for technology end-users that may be in the market for an IT storage system. Our listings are for Commercial Class Storage built for use in small businesses as well as large enterprises. There are many good vendors providing top-notch storage gear but finding ballpark pricing is tough. Most manufacturers do not want to provide pricing for a variety of good reasons.

Premium Vendors

You’ll notice a group of Premium Storage Vendors listed in the Vendor Matrix. These are partners that use our patented EchoQuote™ Budgetary Quote via Email tool to help their customers plan storage projects. If you want an easy way to request a quote via email, just look for the following badge throughout the site. Keep in mind that each vendor may respond differently including a follow-up email or call to clarify what you are interested in.

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Budgetary Only

All of our pricing is available publicly and is budgetary only; you will want to work directly with a vendor’s sales representative or authorized partner for specific configurations and pricing.

We understand that many prospective purchasers just want a rough idea of how much a system might cost so they can focus their research on those solutions that fit their budget. In that vein, we search the web and curate IT Storage pricing related articles to post here. Once again, all the information is public and available by simply looking in the right places.

Look for ORANGE highlights, that means Pricing Information.

This site does accept sponsorships from vendors. Vendors may also provide article posts with recent pricing information. This site is provided as a free service of EchoQuote, LLC.


In the interest of providing greater transparency for users, StoragePricing.Org tries to publish relevant pricing articles. We always reference our sources but do not take any responsibility for their correctness. Nothing on this site is to be construed as an offer. Do not base any decisions on the information published at StoragePricing.Org; always contact the manufacturer directly for the latest product and pricing information.


Pricing information published here is publicly available and is placed here without vendor support or approval. Any vendor who wants StoragePricing.Org to present more accurate pricing is welcome to send a note on company letterhead signed by a company officer permitting StoragePricing.Org to republish the list.

If you would like your company’s information removed from this site we will be happy to do that for you. Simply send an email to “RemoveMe@StoragePricing.Org” and we will remove your company from the home page vendor matrix.

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